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Posted May 06 2010 6:06am
I get my new washing machine! In previous times, the acquisition of a new washing machine or really any other white goods was not met with such enthusiasm. In fact, two years ago when we got the washing machine they are kindly replacing I was very glad to have the extra rinse and extra water rinse or whatever they called it, we chose this one because of that for allergies, though, whilst I was glad to have it, I basically just started washing clothes in it. Things like these are rather bittersweet purchases. They may be nice and have lots of functions and such... but in the end, it still doesn't fold the clothes or put them away for you. So, it is a means to an end. Sorry to be so pedantic about it but let's face it. I'm going to use it to do chores lol.

BUT, this time it will likely be met with a ticker tape parade and party! The delivery man will likely be given a gift and be on our Christmas card list. I'll probably name my next child if we have any after him (hopefully we have a boy lol). And then, my 'chore' of washing clothes will begin. I have 6 weeks worth of washing to do and yet it looks like 6 years worth. Possibly because of the fact Little Poppet is wearing clothes she previously outgrew. Good job it is warm enough outside since all her trousers are calf length only.

Unfortunately for me, the only clothes I outgrew since having her are NOT just a matter of leg length. I don't look that different than pre-baby times but it seems things have shifted and moved about because I still have trousers that look like they would fit Little Poppet before I would get back into them. And if I were to get into them, I'm not entirely certain I'd get back out of them! Not really going to attempt it. The embarrassment of having to have the jaws of life brought out just so I could get undressed isn't very appealing.

So, the bags of clothing which have overtaken adorn the corner of our kitchen will forever soon be etched/scarred/burned into our memories one of those funny stories we look back on and laugh! I think initially I will have to use the tumble dry feature on the machine (I usually only reserve that for things that MUST be tumble dried to use straight away) because we do not have enough room to hang dry six weeks of washing.

Amazing isn't it? I think this is my 4th or 5th post on OUR WASHING MACHINE. I suppose I really should apologise now for that...
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