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Milk, Milk, A Bottle of Milk

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:49pm

Georgia is slowly but surely becoming untethered! Maybe I can see how some people make it out of the hops in 3 days afterall (not that I think WE will, just sayin'). All the chest tubes have been taken out, the cath, some more lines--I think there is just one more IV line and an arterial line in her neck to go. And that lil' miss just drank a bottle! Actually, a bottle and then some! Almost 4 ounces!!! (2oz was a good feed for her at home lately.) The cardiologist said we will try to keep her feedings to bottles and will not put the NG tube back in unless things go badly. While the almost 4oz is encouraging, I know that she was STARVING! So I am hoping it continues, but being cautious in my expectations. She hadn't eaten since Monday at 12am and her tummy was rumbling! She was active and kicking through all the sedatives and painkillers this morning and FINALLY after all those tubes came out and the x-rays showed that there was not too much fluid in her lungs (still some, but not enough to prevent the bottle) they prasie the Lord, let her have the stinkin' bottle already! Which is really what she was saying with all the thrashing about. So, although I feel bad for Alex who is the champ at feeding her (it's true, he has put me to shame in this department), I got to hold her and give her her bottle. And it was lovely to hold her, but the truth is, I was also very tense and nervous. She is REALLY strong, and with all the wires and attached beepers and her kicking so strongly I got nervous I would droup her. She doesn't really drink in a cuddly's typically an upright battle of wills. But she even blew a little raspberry!!!!! A GREAT sign. It's only 11:45, but we're already a little pooped after the long morning (and we slept in until 8am!!!! After I woke at 5 to check on her that is.).

But overall we are absolutelty THRILLED that today is going so much better than yesterday afternoon. It's so nice to see her connections disappear. But it's going to be hard getting used to holding her in this new way (can't hold her under her arms for 6 weeks!!)....

That's it for now. Oh! And yeah, the allergy thing....crazy, huh?

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