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Posted Mar 22 2010 6:33pm
Many new or expecting parents get a grim prediction of their child or unborn child's future. I am here to tell you that children with Down syndrome do walk, talk, learn, run, jump, read, and many other things we are told they won't do. Gabi learned her first word at 7 months old and today she can carry on conversations and sing. She learned to walk at 2 years and 2 months old and now she can jump, run, and skip. Gabi was potty trained at 6 1/2 years old and this year she helped inspire her little brother to use the potty. I've seen videos of people with Down syndrome who drive and personally seen many, many of them in a work environment. While some of these milestones happen at a later age, they still happen. And ask any parent whose child has delays and they'll tell you the same, you just learn to appreciate and celebrate those milestones even more. And now, at 10 years old, I celebrate a new milestone that Gabi has achieved. Gabi has learned to READ!!!!

Thank you Ms. Elise and your wonderful group and to the wonderful educational websites out there like that devote their sites to helping kids read!
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