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Michelle of Big Blueberry Eyes h...

Posted Sep 11 2008 5:06pm


Michelle of Big Blueberry Eyes has honored me with a Courageous Blogger Award.

The award is meant to recognize “those bloggers who are battling, or have battled, with physical or mental illness, those who are survivors of abuse, poverty, or who have overcome other challenges in life. Those who serve in the military, or work/volunteer in dangerous situations in order to provide a service, or to help others. This award is for the strong, brave, and courageous.”

I think, perhaps, the award should go to Tom, since he’s the one with the abundance of bravery. Me? Most days I feel more like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, the one who’d be able to do all these wonderful things, be King of the Forest!, if he only had the courage–forgetting, of course, that he really had it all along.

I think we all feel like that, sometimes: forgetting that we have exactly what we need already within ourselves, if we can just believe in it. Thank you, Michelle, for reminding me.

And now I’m sharing this award with a woman of real courage. She’s a wife and a mother and a friend, who six months ago, took her sweet little boy into the PICU for a relatively routine procedure. While there, the hospital gave her child a near-fatal overdose of painkillers, and her son, and her family, have been struggling to recover ever since.

Throughout, she has remained strong, and kind, and thoughtful of others (I think she even said a prayer for the nurse who administered the overdose). She is an inspiration to me, and to read more about Pam, go to Rhett’s Journey.

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