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Love. Love. Love. Doot da doo. Love. Love. Love.

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:51pm

This weekend was glorious in that it offered us the fruit of much love. Alex and I spent the weekend in one of our favorite places in our favorite month with our favorite kind of weather where we were bestowed with many amazing (many handmade) gifts for our new arrival. In usual fashion, my sister-in-law spoiled us with her creative party-throwing, food-cooking, craft-making expertise and we were absolutely stunned and thrilled and humbled by all the attention given to us and our soon-to-be. I will surely post pictures of our 3-layer cake (made of diapers and baby goods) along with the edible cake and our many awesome colorful gifts. I tell ya', sometimes you forget you are so loved in this get wrapped up in your quiet life of separateness out in the Quiet Corner where the lonely humdrum can't help but get to you a bit...and then all it takes is a little jaunt home (and Alex's home feels SO MUCH like my own now) to make you realize what a fool you can be to forget just how much people love and appreciate you. How many people want the best for you...I only hope I can make other people feel as loved.

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