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Lists (and Sister-in Laws) Make the World Go

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:13pm


*We went on a date last night! Dinner and a movie!

*My sister-in-law who is in town visiting not only babysat Georgia so we could go out, she provided the movie passes last Christmas and? When we got home? The dishwasher had been emptied and Sir Baby's room had the finishing trim coat and a base coat on the walls! As I write this Georgia is napping and my SIL is putting the second coat on the walls! Let me tell you, this gal can come visit any time she wants! (And not just because she is so incredibly generous and helpful!) Georgia is having a blast with her Tia.

*The paint. Well...let's just say it's both lighter and darker than I thought it was going to be.'s just that it's VERY similar to the color that was already on the wall. I guess I thought it would be a lighter shade of white, but then when it was up, I thought it would be darker. Does that make ANY sense at all? Absolutely not. I am pregnant. 'Nuff said. However, it should be noted that this is not the only color going in the room. I have yet to put up the painter's tape for the stripes. Yep. Stripes.

*We went double stroller and crib/furniture shopping, but have had little (no) luck.

*My car sounds like poop and we have to bring it to yet another mechanic.

*Oh. So. Did I mention how I had my 1 hour glucose test about 11 days ago? And did I mention how they told me if I hadn't heard anything back in 4 days that it was a good sign? Well, let me tell you, on Friday, when I hadn't heard anything and it had been 8 days I said something to Alex along the lines of, "I am so happy. I haven't heard anything about the glucose test so I must be in the clear. Of course, knowing the way my OB office works they probably just forgot to call me and tell me I have gestational diabetes."

So last night? We get home from our date and my SIL tells me there's a message on the machine. 11 days after the 1st glucose test they tell me I failed and I have to go back for the 3 hour test. This happened last time too and like last time though I did not "fail" by much I still have to go back for the long test. Not one to want to put the baby at risk, of course I will do it, but good garsh am I NOT looking forward to it. How am I supposed to entertain Georgia for the 3-4 hours the test is going to take on an empty stomach all hopped up on that nasty glucose drink? Also. I fasted last night hoping they would let me come in this morning since my SIL is here and could babysit, but they told me I have to do some 2 day prep for it which involves basically over-indulging on carbs one day, followed by I don't know what, followed by fasting then the blood work. I did NOT have to do that last time. Weird.

*Hmm....what else?

*I just weeded the garden and got 1 million bug bites.

*I feel like a beached whale and move like one too.

*We went to the zoo the other day. My favorite thing, by far, was watching the polar bear swim in the water. Polar bears have earned a new place of fondness in my heart.

*Oh. My SIL? She also just baked a peach pie.

*To go with the lomos saltados she is making for dinner!

*She flies out tomorrow. :(

*I got a BEAUTIFUL painting from Ms. Lucy Mink in the mail yesterday! (Batteries dead pictures forthcoming.) It's going to go in Sir Baby's room.

*Georgia also got a gorgeous little green knit hat from our new friends Gaea and Piercy. (Ditto on the photos.)

*I feel so honored to receive such creative and thoughtful gifts in the mail! I owe many folks gifts as soon as I hone an ounce of creative energy. (And set up my studio.)

*And. I'm spent.

*P.S. Sorry for the lack of stories. Busy with SIL and also just feeling sorta' uninspired. Clearly.

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