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Landy-man's turn

Posted Oct 14 2008 12:00am

Landyn's 2 year checkup was last Thursday. He's moved from 10th to 25th% in weight (now 26 pounds) and I thought they said he was in the 15th % for height but when I looked it up online it shows 25th for that too (34") Anyway..he's growing.

He's still on 25 mg Lamictal 2x daily to prevent seizures. He hasn't had any since last December, and we're hoping it stays that way. I'm the only one who's ever seen him have one. Even Eric hasn't had that lovely experience;)...haha, I have a feeling he's fine with that! He'll be on medication for approximently 2 years, and if he stays seizure-free than they'll begin to wean him off...1 year to go.

I asked the doctor about his not talking yet, but she didn't seem too concerned. She did say I can have him looked at by the Birth to 3 program (what Kolby's therapy is through) if I want, so I'll ask the OT what she thinks when she comes by today. I think they have to be behind in all areas (or have a disability) though in order to qualify for that. He actually does talk a little, so I'm not real worried...just being on the safe side.

Landyn loves living here on the farm; playing with the kitties, running around, exploring the outbuildings, getting into stuff he shouldn't....basically, just being a boy:). He thinks every baby is 'Kolgy' and every girl/woman is 'Ki-kuh'. (I think Kaia brainwashed him). Eric's trying to teach him to say 'I love daddy' in sign language. He has the 'I love' part down, but for daddy he points to his chin...or nose...or cheek. Hmm...I should teach him to point to his chin all the time;)

OT will be here in an hour so if she says anything new I'll update when she leaves.

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