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Kolby Mathew

Posted Oct 13 2008 12:00am

Kolby's had a lot going on since we've been back...

  1. His 1st eye appt last Tuesday showed that everything is developing normally :)
  2. Thursday morning he had PT, and she wants him to get all the tummy time he can to help strengthen his back muscles. She'll be back again this Thursday to try make up for when we were in Wa.
  3. While Landyn was at his 2 year checkup Thurs I had them weigh Kolby..only 9 lbs 12 ozs!
  4. Off to Sioux Falls to see the pulmonologist on Friday; oxygen levels were actually lower than before we left (they're now high 80's, when we left they were mid 90's--a healthy, non-smoker's is usually 99 or 100)..he'll stay on .5 L O2 until we see Dr. V again in 3 weeks here in Brookings. And possibly longer:(
  5. Still doing pulmicort breathing treatments morning and evening, and we've restarted the prevacid..they think that might help him gain
  6. While at Dr. V's they had the nutritionist from the NICU across the street come and take a look at Kolby. Breast milk and formula normally has 20 calories. The last few days they have me giving him two 24 cal formula bottles, and starting today I'll be giving him 27 cal. I'm also trying to give him an ounce of formula every time after he nurses--not going so good, because when he's full he won't eat anymore
  7. The occupational therapist is coming out Tuesday at noon for another look. The speech therapist should be here sometime soon also, as they're supposed to be doing a re-evaluation around 6 months to see if they need to change up or add therapies.

Oh, and Kaia--I made the pic big for you;)

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