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Kindness Award

Posted Sep 15 2009 4:46pm
I'm fairly new to blogging. I don't know all of the bloggie acronyms (I end up looking them up with google) and I don't nominate people for blog awards. Maybe someday I'll really get into it but today's not the day. I would, however, like to give an award to one of my new friends, Rebecca, of The Bates Motel.

I believe that the Kindness Award should be rewarded to Rebecca because, well, she's kind. Rebecca is extremely proud of her daughter, Samantha. As she should be. Samantha is what I would call an over-achiever. She has Down Syndrome and is a few months older than Lila but she's leaps and bounds ahead of her. Samantha walks, she talks, she knows the alphabet, she can count to 10 in three languages- English, Spanish and Japanese. Oh, and she sleeps in a big girl bed. Awesome. Rebecca loves to brag on Samantha- who wouldn't? But Rebecca tells of Sammi's accomplishments in such a way that you never feel inferior or that you're not doing a good enough job with your child. She celebrates your child's accomplishments with you and is always quick to share helpful suggestions when asked.

Since Lila's birth, I have met a lot of parents that have kids with DS. Quite a few of these parents have told me that their child is very high-functioning. Because of this, they would prefer that their child only go to school and have play groups with typically developing children because they want their child to keep moving forward instead of falling behind. This makes me sad not only for the child but for the parents because, in my opinion, they are missing out. They are missing out on a ton of love, a lot of support and especially on the blessing of meaningful friendships with people that are walking along the same path. But I have gotten away from my topic. Back to Rebecca.

Rebecca, thank you. For being so genuine. For being open and honest, for sharing your joys and your struggles. But most of all for being kind.

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