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Kara is learning to use sign language!

Posted Jun 23 2009 10:15am
For almost two years Kara has struggled to communicate with us, she does not talk, and we have tried very hard to get her to embrace sign language, these past few weeks she has embraced it more. I am relieved, as her inability to let us know her wants and needs was causing temper tantrums.

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore her? She is such a sweet and cuddly little girl, has definite impulse control issues, but we are working on that. I have not reached a point where I feel like she has been our daughter forever, I still have very vivid images of her in my my mind being brought out to visit in the orphanage in Vorzel. I still marvel at the miracle of us finding her.

Here are some more new pictures of our beautiful little girl.

Kara thinks there is nothing better than a chair in the pool and a sock to play with...She has a fascination with socks, carries them around, holds them and rocks, I believe they may have been her only plaything during her long days in bed at the orphanage. She loved them the first day I brought her back to the Peremoga and she continues to 1 1/2 years later.
Kara raided the sock bag for this sock. LOL She can be found going through their daily. It is a Christmas sock! I don't suppose the match will be found, since it has been missing since Christmas, the sock fairy struck again.

Yepper, she is a thumb sucker. :o) My third of 8 children to do so.

Taken two days ago, Meghan insisted Kara wear that top LOL. Kara loves to see pictures of herself. She thinks this one is the best.
Kara loved her new dress, now if I can figure out a way to get her to wear shoes...

I have this in the other girls blogs, but it shows how sweet Kara can be.
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