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Juice Plus+® vs. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Posted May 04 2010 10:34am

The purpose of this article is to explain the difference between whole food nutrition and vitamin and mineral supplementation. It will also answer some vital questions concerning the proper use of vitamins and minerals and how they relate to Juice Plus+®. Two of the most commonly asked questions about Juice Plus+® are
How does it compare to vitamin and mineral supplements?

How much of a certain vitamin (ex. vitamin C) is in Juice Plus+® ?

To answer the first question, you cannot and should not compare Juice Plus+® to manmade synthetic supplements. I will explain reasons why later in this article. As to the second question of how much of a specific nutrient is in Juice Plus+®, rather, the question should be - are the nutrients in Juice Plus+® absorbable (bioavailable) and used by the body?

Questions like these demonstrate a lack of public education of the true philosophy of nutrition. This is no one's fault; it is just time the lay person gets a better understanding and a sound philosophy of nutrition. It is not how much we put in the body, but how much the body can absorb over a long period of time.

Our bodies only absorb small amounts of nutrients at any single moment, not the huge amounts contained in most synthetic supplements, if the synthetics are absorbed at all. Normal amounts rather than mega-doses of bioavailable nutrients taken daily correlate with the laws of Nature. For example, when you look at the amounts of vitamin C contained in foods, it is relatively small compared to the amount in vitamin and mineral supplements. For instance, one orange has between 60-80 mg. of vitamin C.

The body is designed to handle foods and should get most of its vitamins from foods.(1) Many people consume isolated (USP) United States Pharmacopoeia listed vitamins. USP vitamins are synthesized, standardized, isolated, and are not always from natural sources, and are not always bioavailable.

In nature, vitamins and minerals are never isolated; they are always present in food in complex form (2-5), meaning synergistically connected to other nutrients and elements. Synergy means that each element works with and is interconnected with each other. No nutrient stands alone in whole foods. Most of these synergists are unknown to scientists, but please keep in mind the identity of a nutrient is found in connection with all other necessary food substances, not isolated by itself.

Each vitamin has a specific function and cannot be replaced by something else. The factors that influence the absorption of a nutrient ...

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