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Juice Plus+® exercise studies

Posted May 21 2010 5:03am
There are three published studies looking at exercise and Juice Plus+®:

The first was at the University of North Carolina looking at college athletes using JP+ vs Placebo and showed JP+ reduced irreversible protein damage caused by exercise (protein carbonyls) by 30%. Theoretically that should mean 30% faster recovery.

The second study from the University of Graz (Austria) showed a similar decrease in damaged proteins as well as a decrease in inflammatory reactants caused by exercise compared to placebo. This particular study looked at elite athletes; the anti-terrorism Cobra Force of Austria. During this 7 month study (placebo controlled) Austria was the chair of the European Union and the work effort of the Cobra Force was increased by 42%. The JP+ group had 33% less absenteeism than the placebo group.

The third publication of the same elite athletes elaborated much more on the magnitude of protection against protein carbonyl formation. The JP+ and placebo groups had the same response of protein damage from exercise and recovery prior to randomization (the exercise was severe; 80% VO2 max for 40 minutes). However after taking JP+, these athletes had complete protection against protein damage. At 28 weeks the placebo group seemed to have depletion of their anti-oxidant cascade because their protein carbonyls increased to double what they had been at baseline and did not recover even after 30 hours compared to zero increase of damaged proteins in the JP+ group either before, immediately after, 30 minutes after, or 30 hours after that maximum exercise. It’s no wonder they had 33% less absenteeism.

Additionally, it’s important to point out that muscle energy is dependent upon mitochondrial function. The reason that we gain strength and endurance from exercise is that we increase the number, size, and functionality of muscle mitochondria. This is completely dependent upon mitochondrial DNA. Damage to this DNA therefore can interfere with response to exercise. There are three separate publications showing that JP+ protects DNA from damage. (see the DNA Damage section)

It’s clear to me that every athlete, no matter what level of performance should know about JP+. Furthermore, JP+ has the NSF International seal of approval for Sport.

To read the full article, click here.

If you wish to know more about the benefits of Juice Plus ... click here or email me .
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