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Infections and a Cuteness Overload....

Posted Dec 04 2008 8:30pm
So last night Rhett did this when I told him we needed to put his dressing back on his g-tube site.......

It didn't look all that bad though. It looked pretty good.

Then today we get this......

Here is a close up, not his most shining moment, and his sats are low tonight, so his skin was pretty mottled.....

Any of you have any idea what's up? He is in the middle of being treated for staph. Think maybe this is a yeast infection of some type from being on antibiotics for the last 3 weeks?

Everytime we go to the hospital and then come home, 2 weeks later he ends up with staph in that damn stoma. I am so flippin careful, and I wash my hands all the time. But he sticks his fingers under the dressings and goes diggin all the time, and I wonder if he is getting it dirty. After all his hands hang out in the trash, the sink, and the toilet every day no matter how hard I try to keep him out of them. Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Now for the cuteness overload, since I have grossed you out.

He got these jammies in the mail today, along with the cute blanket that he's sitting on. They are so super soft and cuddly. Cute jammies and blankies for a cute boy!!

Don't you think he just looks so snuggly? He smells heavenly in this picture too. Trust me, he just had a bath, and then had baby lotion smeared all over his body. Oh, yeah we did some serious snugglin' after this!!

Ooooh! I could just eat him up!!

Okay enough mommy gushin'.

Today I am thankful that Rhett has super warm jammies to sleep in and fuzzy blankies to sleep with at night. So many people don't have that luxury. I am also thankful that he is starting to put his words together to make 2&3 word sentences. Today he told on Dakota because he wouldn't get him a drink. ("Moooommmmm!! Koda No Grink!!")
Okay, so that was 4 words, but the Koda no Grink came after I said what when he called me. You get the picture.....
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