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Iggy Tape

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:51pm

The dog has been stuck on me like glue lately. I wake in the mornings and he comes into the bathroom with me (a room he previously avoided at all costs since it is the place where many procedures occur (i.e. nail trimmings, ear cleanings, tick de-ticking...)). Not only does he follow me in, he comes up and sniffs my knees, presses his hind quarters against me with all his weight as though he is stuck in gale force wind. And when I leave the bathroom, he follows. From room to room, area to area, preferring the less comfortable carpet area to the couch if it means he can be near me. And the truth is, I kinda' like it. The attention...and I wonder if it's a fear that he will be out done, or out babied.

Sunday, Alex and I took him to Mt. Hope Park. Wandered the grassy fields where Iggy played lion on the plains and down along the river where he played leap frog, delighting in my delight at his delight as he rushed into and out of the water, shaking off the river with each interval.

And now, he is snoring on the sofa, waiting, like I am, for Alex to get home from teaching. Greg Brown on the stereo, the evening short and combustable before us before we go through our routine again...sleep, dream, prowl in an insomniac stupor, awake again...

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