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ice cream as kryptonite

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:14pm
How many kids are there out there who do not like ice cream? I have never heard of one in all my days. I understand that some kids may be partial to a particular flavour, but a kid who won't have any part of it? Unheard of.

Then along comes Will, who has a passionate love affair with anything containing sugar. Cake, pie, cookies, cupcakes, I think Will could eat any of them without noticing his stomach was full to capacity. He gets limited to one treat, but I have, on more than one occasion, found him hiding on the stairs or behind chairs with a whole bag of cookies, most of them gone by the time I found him. One time, Mark and I were presented with some cream cookies made of icewine and brought from Canada for us. They weren't the kind of cookie a kid would like, with a distinctly different taste. Mark and I could only ever eat one at a time as they were quite rich. I had them on the back of the counter, not wanting to place them with the regular store bought selection.

Imagine my surprise when I came across Will, sitting on the stairs with the bag. There were two cookies left. He had eaten basically, the whole package. He didn't bat an eye, where I think an adult would be moaning in discomfort.

Trips to the ice cream shop for the yummy treat of ice cream cones has always left Will the odd-man-out. As we all lick away, enjoying our own personal bit of euphoria, Will sits happily and watches us. We have tried to tempt him by dabbing his lips and letting him lick the cream, but that even upsets him. Now, when someone good natured-ly offers him a taste of their ice cream, he recoils in horror, hands drawn up to his mouth as a shield against the onslaught in a way that would make you think is was a chunk of uranium being offered. Superman toletated Kriptonite better cause I never saw Superman's face knot up into the precursor of the big bawl.

On Sunday we had ice cream bars after lunch. Will was very intrigued by those things, as all he could really see was the chocolate cookie part and yes, he would like one of those! We gave him one and he took a bite. He quickly realized his icy nemesis was lurking beneath all that good chocolate. It was an enigmatic dessert for Will, loving the chocolate, despising the ice cream. What was the guy to do? He tried to eat the cookie without making contact with the ice cream, but it became an exercise in frustration quickly. We finally took the chocolate cookie lid off for him. Mom ate the leftover lopsided sandwich.


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