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I Think I'm Getting Fat. I'm Getting Fatter. I Absorb More.

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:51pm

10 points to the person who names the band who's lyrics I used for a title.

So. Being pregnant means a lot of things. But one thing that is making me increasingly weary is the fact that you have this little space invader inside you taking over your entire body. Making you feel sick at times, tired, making your hormones go wacky and haywire, and no matter what, making you fat. As some of you know this is not a path I enjoy traversing. I had not even gotten to my weight loss goal when all of a sudden I am forced to grapple with the fact that I have no choice. Eat better? Sure, eat less--well, not exactly. Except that you are a vessel for life? Allow yourself to eat those extra calories that are needed to sustain that life? And watch your body grow out of your hands? Yes. Yes. And yes.

I can't lie. It's a little scary. At times, it's damn depressing. But then sometimes--usually--I am able to remind myself that I lost weight once, I can lose it again, and really, what is weight when you are growing a creature inside your abdomen???

I feel like I can't possibly be eleoquent lately though my thoughts rush around like so much swirly light. (See? Not too eloquent.)

And so, in an effort to except my big growing body I am going to show you it! (Like you haven't seen it before.) (And of course I am showing you the pictures where I at least look a little cute and not like the totally cranky fat lass I am becoming.) My poor husband.


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