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I signed a contract with book pu...

Posted Sep 12 2008 6:58pm

I signed a contract with book publisher The Penguin Group, NAL division, to deliver a book about my experience mothering Avery, called Roadmap to Holland. I recently completed the first draft. It feels like a birth of sorts and I think that’s why my previous posts have been about my other children’s births–Carter’s, and Avery’s and Bennett’s. Birthing is on my mind.

And like my live births, there is a fourth trimester in writing, when you begin letting go of the story, when you revise and fact-check and prepare to give it over to the next set of hands. I’m in that stage, now.

A photographer friend of mine has begun writing, and I’ve said this to her: writing is like lithography. You put down the story in layers, one over another, until you find the combination that pleases you the most. Then you know you’ve finished; when no more layers can be added, or subtracted.

The trick, of course, is knowing how to recognize that moment when it arrives.

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