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I need to post! I need to post!

Posted May 02 2010 12:00am
Happy May earthlings.  Last year at this time I was happily 8 months pregnant wanting to sleep all the time.  I was minding my own business 100% not prepared for the arrival of said baby boy.

This year is about the same....not.

We have been busy this spring, working our way out of the winter rut of laziness.  I would have to say this past winter was the longest winter of my life.  Spring has turned out to be such a joy.     I found a few family activities this spring that I hope to make it a family traditions.  First one is Flight of Fancy Kite festival at local community college.  It was the perfect family fun day. The spring sun was shining and the kites were unbelievable.  HUGE! It is the third weekend of April. And it was FREE! My favorite!

The second activity was the Chalk Walk in the Northeast.  This is where artist of all abilities can create chalk art work on the pavement. It was truly a blast even through the rain and cold wind.  Red begged her dad to drive her there.  And it was FREE! My favorite!

 The local mall decided to have a few fairy princess come visit such as Santa Claus and Easter Bunny.  It was a fabulous idea and if all those thousands of little 2-6 year old girls didn't show up it would have been better. The first day I just "popped" in to have a gander at Cinderella.  The line was an hour and forty-five min wait. I refuse to stand in line for that long for anything except maybe a 100% chance of winning a free car! Maybe. So we bought some cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, from BIG MOMMA! yummy! Pizza from D'Bronx,  and called it a day.   The next Sunday was Snow white and we were at the Chalk Festival.   The next super star was Sleeping Beauty.  We went the last thirty mins and waited in line 15 mins. Brilliant if you ask me.  She didnt have a wig on and she was bootiful if I dont say so myself.

Sleeping Beauty.
Now wouldn't you like that to be your annual family picture instead of a scary white rabbit????   Red could not have been happier for all the chocolate in this world and she loves her chocolate.  I tried to get my husband to hold sleeping beauty but that would have been a whole nother venue:)   Sleeping Beauty's parents were standing there so proud of their girl.  It was cute. Hopefully the mall  will continue this tradition. It was perfect. Minus the crowd of course.

This is the first year that Red has been aware of spring. She literally watched the magnolia tree bloom one day and she could NOT take her eyes off of it.  It was the grandest gift from God this little girl could ever imagine.  She will describe with her hands how they bloomed, if you ask her.   Dandelions and weed flowers were a huge hit with her this spring. A mother couldn't ask for more bouquets of flowers.   "momma its bootiful, onederfulllll,"

Thomas has decided he likes the outdoors too.  Just this week he crawled out the propped back door.  Running away from home before you can even walk, now that is a first!   He will twist out of ones arms if are not holding him tight when he gets near the back door.  He wants outside and now.

Well I think I have given you a post! Or a memory!  Happy Spring! If you hear of free family fun let me know! I am in!
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