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I'm Okay!

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

Really, I'm fantastic! And no, I am not making a drug-induced post. It's been over 8 hours since my last pain medication, and I have no pain right now unless I open my mouth too big or if I swallow (weird, huh?). Greg, I know you were really hoping for a post during my medication-induced state that made me blush later, but your not getting it! LOL!

I do have some pretty weird things to share with you about my experience though. When they first sat me down in the chair for the procedure, they hooked me up to a cardiac monitor and took my blood pressure. My blood pressure was great 117/72, but my heart rate which I expected to be high due to my nervousness and because I usually run in the 90's, was only very low 50's. The nurse in me thought Uh-oh we better not do this since this is a huge change in one of my vital signs, but they slapped that nitrous oxide on me and I was gone super fast. I don't know if it works this way for anyone else, but I could hear everything they said to me perfectly clear except I felt like I was in a pitch-black room with them and I couldn't respond. Since, I had determined my heart rate was unsafe for me and couldn't verbalize it, I just prayed and left it in God's hands. The last thing I heard was my doctor telling me, "You'll feel a little stick and a slight burning sensation." He was making his second attempt at my IV. The next thing I heard was his assistant saying, "Okay, Mrs. Graham, it's time to wake up now." After that, my memory was sporadic. Basically, I felt like it took a total of 2 minutes to get from that chair to my bed, although I remember a few things like walking from a wheelchair to the van, being at the drive-thru of Walgreen's Pharmacy, and walking very drunk-like into the house.

Ryan was very good taking care of me. Not once did he complain about it. This is a great accomplishment for him. He is not the nursing type of person and is usually impatient. He took care of the kids, cooked, cleaned, and was at my beck and call. Almost makes me wish I needed him longer. He did offer to take a picture of me with my face all swollen and ice packs tied to my cheeks, but I politely declined.

Man my lower lip got huge last night. Is that weird or what? The farthest point in my mouth from the surgical sites, and it was the biggest and numbest for the longest. At this point, I barely have any swelling, have some slight tingling to the right side of my lower lip, and barely any pain at all. The only pains I have aren't even where you would expect them. I still can't say very much (verbally at least) and yelling is out of the question. I am sure my kids are loving that!

I think I will have to call-out of work though. I have to be able to talk more than this to do what I do. I have doctors and labs to talk to on the phone, patients to ask questions to and explain things to (like what their medications are for and to be able to answer their questions.) That and the brochure of discharge instructions said that I should expect my swelling to get worse over the next couple days being at it's maximum at 72 hours post-op. If that happens, then the pain will increase. I don't want to be stuck at work unable to be on pain medications. I wouldn't want my nurse drugged up, and I am not going to take care of anyone's life under the influence. So, after I get Gabi off to school, I'll give my work a call.

I am doing 95% better than I had expected, and I attribute that to all the awesome prayers you all sent to heaven for me. Thanks!

Oh yeah, Deb, your comment made me think. Our situations are very similar. I had to have 1 wisdom tooth removed when I was pregnant with Preston due to an abscess. That one was done local, too. I had no pain at all after that one, but the injection he gave me in my hard palate to numb me made me want to crawl the walls! That injection alone made me decide to be knocked out for the other 3. My doctor told me that I needed to come back after delivery to get the other 3 removed. Like you, I didn't, but during December, I think I started developing another abscess under one of the others. I was in a lot of pain and taking Ibuprofen like every 3 hours for the pain. I knew I had to do something about it. Now that Preston is 13 months old, I finally had done what I was supposed to a year ago.

Off subject, could I get some prayers for my aunt, Terri. She was in a pretty bad snowmobile accident the other day and apparently isn't doing very well.

Starting to get a little nauseous now, so I am heading to bed to lay down.

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