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I have some questions concerning the odds of my unborn baby having downs after 2 soft markers on an ultrasound were found

Posted by kdowd1978

I had my anatomy ultrasound yesterday. I see a high risk doctor due to medications that I'm on. They saw two hot spots on his heart and said that his femur was .01 which is a millimeter too short compared to the size of his head. I have been a wreck since this visit. I agreed to take the new Harmony test.
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I have no idea of the odds, but I have a 7 month old son with Downs and one "hot spot" on his heart was the only marker they saw on my Level II Ultrasound. I had a total of about 10 ultrasounds during my high risk pregnancy, and they never saw anything. The day he was born was a tough one, but he is the love of our lives. He has changed the perceptions of so many people already. It kills me how many pregnancies are terminated after a Down syndrome diagnosis is made. It definitely adds fears and challenges, but my younger son's life is just as valuable as my 'normal' older son's life. He is also perfectly healthy and strong and such an easy baby.

I know this doesn't answer your question, I just hope it gives you some hope that even if your child does have Downs it doesn't mean the end of the just opens up a whole new world. I am no expert, as I've only been dealing with this for 7 months, but I am happy to be in touch with you if you recieve a diagnosis and need any support.

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