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I Am Getting More And More Forgetful In My Old Age!

Posted Feb 02 2009 10:49pm
I was just visiting Stephanie's Blog and noticed she is having a giveaway for Aiden's Heart Day which is in couple weeks, and then remembered that last year I mentioned to her how Gabi's and Aiden's Heart Days are so close together... then my brain did a big flip flop and I burst out with "What is today's date?" Oh my gosh... it's TODAY!!!! And for those that don't know what a heart day is, it's the yearly anniversary of your child's heart surgery. Gabi had open heart surgery for repair of her Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) (also what Aiden has) and her Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). I may not be celebrating as fancy as Stephanie is, but my heart just leaped for joy knowing how blessed we are that Gabi's heart was able to be repaired. And here we are 9 years later!

The button below leads to a separate blog that I did to talk about that time:

Click Here to visit Gabi's Heart Blog to learn more about how we found out about her diagnosis and her heart surgery!

Almost everything went as planned with her surgery except for this next part that I took from an old post of mine:
Gabi did really well after her heart surgery until the night that they extubated her. It was the first night that I didn't go home. She was seriously struggling, and I could see it in the medical staff's faces that they were also worried, considering re-intubating her, and putting her back on the vent. Her respirations were very labored, her breaths were fast, and her chest retracted deeply with each breath she took. It was the 1st time that the thought crossed my mind that she might not make it. I told Gabi's father, "I am staying tonight... I am afraid to leave her." Sleeping at the bedside was a big NO-NO because if they had to get to her in an emergency, the obstacle of removing a sleeping parent at bedside costs valuable time. That didn't matter because I knew I couldn't sleep due to my worry for her.

After much deliberation, one of the doctor's decided to try her on IV steroids to see if that would help her get over this hump. When he told me his plan, I let off a huge sigh of relief. Internally, that was what I was hoping for. By the time she received her second dose of steroids, she had already made huge improvements. It was a scary time, though.

So even though the day is almost over...


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