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how long will a baby with down syndrome live

Posted by meghan_hope

well i am 6 months pregneat with a baby that has down syndrome i watn to know how long will my baby live after it is born?
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First of all, congratulations!! I know that right now you are feeling overwhelmed, but know that your little one is going to be a wonderful addition to your family.

To answer your question, most people who are born with Down syndrome live long and healthy lives. There is a girl in our neighborhood who is 56 right now, and she is amazing.

My little guy is three years old, and he was born with Down syndrome as well. He has had some issues with his health, but most of it has nothing to do with his extra chromosome. He is so much fun, and gives the best hugs and kisses ever.

He is just like any other three year old, and loves cars and trucks, and Elmo. One thing that I would like to tell you though, is start signing with your little one as soon as possible.

Rhett has been signing since he was 5 months old, and it's all thanks to Signing Time. (

Congratulations Megan!  My little one is almost two and it was a rocky road at first, but I find myself amazed at how much she is more like my typical 6 year old then different.  We learned at birth that my daughter had Down syndrome, then later, we learned she had a serious heart defect.  Fifty percent of children with Down syndrome also have a heart defect and it was a really tough time.  I felt so depressed that this was happening to me.  I was 27 at the time and thought that I was too young (and too middle class) to take care of a child with a disability.  Now, I look at all the joy Penny brings to my family.  She tries hard to get things right and she takes so much pride in herself when she accomplishes tasks already.  And of course I think she is the most beautiful baby in the world!  I can't imagine my life without her.  if you haven't picked up this book yet, I would highly recommend that you read GIFTS, you might cry, but they will be tears of inspiration, and hopefully not of despair. 
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