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Hormone Dreams and What If Lists

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:14pm

I forgot how crazy pregnancy can make you. Go figger.

You wake up at night to pee at least twice and though you try to make the journey to the bathroom with your eyes closes lest you actually wake up, by the time you get back to bed, most likely you're a goner. Prone, in the dark, with every "what if" and "to do" on the face of the planet coursing through your brain. Do you realize how much you have to do when you move to another state almost 9 hours away with your entire family? When you become a homeowner and you don't even own a lawnmower (or a shed to store it in)? When your child has ninety bazooty doctors and therapists and caseworkers who have to get transferred, and let's not forget starting obstetrical care in one state, only to move it to another state BEFORE your other state insurance kicks in!

And this was a good idea.....why?

And the hormone dreams? They're nuts! In the last two nights I have become a shape-shifter who has to chew on herself (like bubble gum) to change shapes and became an ear which hopped up and stuck to a hotel room wall to eavesdrop on the neighbors and also about five or so non-house-trained puppies. (Among other things.)

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