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Home Away From Home

Posted May 16 2011 3:23pm
After spending last week being sick, trips to 2 different doctors, Aiden bombed on Friday and went to the emergency room. We got to the Pediatric ER at St. Francis Hospital. The intake nurse asked what his O2 levels usually run. Obviously, he wasn't looking his healthy 97 - 99. As soon as she hooked up the pulse ox, his number was 79.

Having a pulse ox number of 79 automatically gets an oxygen mask attached to your face and a room full of doctors. It also gets you admitted.

Yes, we spent the weekend at the Panda Palace. Diagnosis - strep, sinus infection, pneumonia and RSV.

RSV, the virus I had home health out to the house 5 months out of the year for. Giving Aiden injections until he was 2 years old. We have avoided it until now.

The combination of those four things landed Aiden in "jail". Confined to his room and tethered to an IV pole, oxygen cannula and oximeter. He wasn't happy with me Friday or Saturday. He spent most of Saturday sleeping. He managed to speak a few times when Dr. Pediatric Cardiologist came to check on him. He told her "bye bye" and informed his night nurse and respiratory therapist what he thought of them.

On Sunday, his teachers and aides brought him up a "care package" and balloons. The balloons made his day and his health turned for the better. He got to come off his oxygen and he started eating. By the end of the day Sunday, he had eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner and had taken enough fluids by mouth that he could come off the IV.

He allowed his nurses to come close enough to him for a picture as long as one of them handed over her stethoscope. He gave his night nurse a run for her money when he decided he didn't want the IV both Saturday and Sunday nights. She did replace the one from Saturday, but decided to let him have his way on Sunday. Oh yeah, she remember him from 3 years previous.

Aiden got to come home today, but he is under quarantine for this week and has to stay under house arrest. So, he is on probation. We follow up next Tuesday and he can return to school on Wednesday, just in time for the last three days of school.
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