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Holiday Update

Posted Dec 27 2009 12:00am
So we've been spending time with family, and Bridget has been loving the constant hum of activity and people! She's eating everything that's offered to her, asking to use the potty, and attempting more and more spoken words. She loves her new doll that Santa brought (and the zhu zhu hamsters he brought for Emmy), and is keeping busy drawing and playing the days away.

My parents have a picture of Alina on their refrigerator at Bridget's eye level. She'll walk by the refrigerator, stop and wave to the picture, or stop and kiss the picture. Yesterday, she offered Alina her phone, "here, you" (it's for you!). She calls Alina "baby" or "nuh". We'll ask, Are you going to share your toys with Alina? or, Are you going to be a good big sister? To which she replies, "Yup".

We've recently discovered that Bridget can say "p-o-k-e-r" clearly. (She's been sitting at the table each night while the dads and cousins play). She even knows the difference between (and can say) "(poker) chips" and "cards". We're so proud :)...
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