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Holiday Road ~ Orlando Part 2

Posted Sep 17 2009 10:02pm
Yikes! Totally didn't mean to let so much time pass before posting more about our vacation this summer, but life happens! If you missed the first post of our vacation, you can find that here . So here we go with the rest of our time in Orlando
Day 2 in Orlando we headed to Islands of Adventure.

Hitching a ride on big brother's shoulders, Preston and Jeremy
entered the park along with the rest of our family.

While waiting for some friends, I took the opportunity to make one
of my many Twitter/Facebook updates of the trip.

Nana and Gabi pose for a picture.

My husband's best friend from High School (also named Jeremy),
his wife, Melanie and their children were with us at the park. And
no we didn't plan for the girls to wear purple and the guys to wear
blueish/green tops... it just happened that way.

Gabi giving a playful pose with one of the shows performers.
This guy was totally in love with Gabi and her enthusiasm to join in.

I tried to get a good picture of Gabi with Thing 1 and Thing 2,
but they were being the menaces they are and wouldn't stop
tickling her! You can't see their grubby little paws, but trust
me they both were tickling her sides.

I took this picture of what my husband calls the best
rollercoaster ride ever... The Hulk!

Day 3, we spent at Downtown Disney MarketPlace.

First, we stopped for lunch at a prehistoric-themed restaurant
called T-Rex. I had to literally drag Gabi through the door.
Maybe because a life size T-Rex that was greeting us at the door.
It also moved and made sounds as well. It's hard to convince
her that it's not real when it certainly looks real!

We were seated under the ice caves which were changing colors
from blue to red all of the time. It was certainly beautiful as
you can see. And the food was fantastic!

One of my favorite pictures of our vacation was this one taken
of me and my husband at the restaurant.

Here's Nana and Jeremy.

And Gabi and Nana.

Anthony and Christopher.

After lunch, we traveled around Downtown Disney and were
amazed by the Lego sculptures. This one is of a Loch Ness type
of monster in the water. All made of Legos.

The guys checking out more of the Lego creations.

I wanted Gabi to pose with the Lego tourist family, but she had
other plans. She was a little moody and not quite wanting to
cooperate. So I settled for the "Where's Gabi?" pose. If you haven't
found her yet, she is directly behind the boy with the black
shirt that is walking the dogs.

She was happy to see the princesses, but still not eager to cooperate yet.

By the second princess, we started to get a smile.

Next, we went shopping. Preston was thrilled to find Nemo!

For Gabi we looked at dress-up outfits...

and dolls...

and even funny headbands...
But we finally settled on a talking Nemo for Preston and A talking
Dori and colorful bracelet for Gabi.

Then we found Buzz Lightyear...

and Mr. Potato Head...

and finally the highlight of the day was when the little ones went
to play in the dancing fountains.

I loved watching them play.

and Preston flirted with the girls. Here he was showing off his
water catching moves to this little girl who was totally thrilled.

That night we had dinner at Old Town. There we met up with
Jeremy's Mima, Papi, and Titi Jennie.

Day 4, we went to Universal Studios.

Ryan and I and our 5 kids and Nana in front of the Universal Globe.

This day, we decided to let the boys (minus Preston) go off on
their own while the rest of us went to enjoy the stuff that the
younger ones would enjoy more. So we went to see Donkey...

and Shrek and Fiona...
Before we left, Gabi gave Shrek a kiss on the cheek!

We waited in line to see the lion and penguins from Madagascar.
And the kids were so thrilled by their presence that they wouldn't
even turn around to pose for a picture!

However we did get a pose with SpongeBob Squarepants!

Water play in the hot Florida sun is a necessity if you want to have fun.

Day 5, we packed (or crammed) up the van (with all 8 of us)
and headed south to my hometown of
Homestead, Florida !

More Holiday Road to come...
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