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Hocus Pocus Bogus

Posted Sep 14 2008 4:50pm

Vince started getting a cold on Sunday. It really started out of nowhere, he was fine in the morning, Bookie took him for a walk, and when they came back the poor little guy’s nose was running like crazy. He could barely breath and trying to get him to eat something was close to impossible as he was so stuffed up. On Monday morning when he woke up his whole bed was covered in snot-remains. Needless to say all his bed stuff went in the washer. In the afternoon, the cold was gone and it was like it had never existed. Then it came back again, so yesterday I decided to take him to the doctor. We did not go to the regular one as on Wednesday that have that one place you can go where there is a pediatric Dr you can ask questions etc. I figured that was as easy as getting a time with the regular doctor. The Dr yesterday confirmed, oh yes he has a cold, and it has gone down into his lungs. Not good. She prescribed him some hocus-pocus crap, also referred to as Homeopathic crap, that I have zero, zip nada belief in… They LOVE that stuff here - You have a migraine, try some fennel pills, or some ocean salt, have you tried crystals? A rash - rose oil, lavender cream, etc etc etc.

I figured I would ask at the pharmacy if they had something else. They did not. So I bought the hocus-pocus-bogus stuff, and as I thought it had zero effect. OK, I have only tried them for some 24 hours, but up to this point they have given NO relief. So at 11 am we have an appointment with our pediatric. Update will follow.

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