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Here's Where I Post Yet Another Picture I Will Likely Regret Sharing With the World at Large

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:51pm

Last night, Alex--a couple sheets to the wind--and I began examining my stomach which seems to have, as they so delicately call it in the medical profession, dropped. That means, rather than the cute mid-pregnancy bump (as the popular media a la People magazine like to call) the pregnant stomach falls a bit lower on your frame as the baby prepares to make the journey outward. Totally normal stuff. And I am not even totally sure it's happened to me, or if the baby has just decided to try a new position.

Anyway, while playing around with my stomach, we noticed that when I put my hands on it and squeezed in this certain way, my stomach, in the shadowy light, actually LOOKED like a baby. When I pointed it out to Alex--dear Alex with the beers--he almost flipped!

"Oh my god!" He exclaimed, "It looks like a cabbage patch kid!" We have to call Xavier Roberts!"

He then proceeded to tell me I had to blog this.

"But not just the picture," he said, "You have to explain how incredible this is. It's like, if you found a potato chip with the face of Mary on it, or cut open a tomato only to have it read: Allah!"

Too bad I can't sell it on Ebay.


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