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Here I Go, There I Go, Everywhere I Go, Go.

Posted Nov 18 2008 9:13am
Yesterday was a little nuts to say the least. I was on the go all day. Rhett's crib was recalled and I had to take it back to the store. Which meant I had to go into the little tiny space that it's in, bend myself in ways that I never new i could bend and unscrew everything.

Let's say our room is a little more than crowded with 3 dressers, a TV, 2 nightstands, a queen size bed, and a crib. Not to mention an IV Pole, a Nebulizer, carts with medical supplies, a humidifier, and a sat monitor.

But hey, we make it work. so after taking apart his bed, and him eyeing me every time I walked out with some pieces to it, we got it back to the store. Who by the way has no record of the price of the crib when they carried it.

We sat there for 2 hours trying to come up with a price. I told them that it was almost 3 years ago when we bought it, and all I remembered was that we bought the crib and the mattress together, and they came close to 300.00 because that was my budget.

Anyways, they came up with the "We'll just guess and give you $200.00 back in in store credit." Okay, sounds good to me. So at this point I am wondering. Rhett is three years old, there is no point in getting him a crib right?

So we made the transition to a toddler bed. With the money that we got back from the crib we were able to buy Rhett a toddler bed, and then still have money left over for a few months to buy diapers. YIPPY!!

I guess it worked out okay for us.

I really expected Rhett to fall out of bed at least 5 thousand times. He sleeps all over the place in all sorts of odd positions, but he did fairly well. I was quite proud of him.

Granted he did end up in bed with me around 5 am, but that's a whole 'nother story.

After doing that I took some toys that we had gathered for charity and dropped them off, and then dropped off some of the bigger nicer ones to Kid to Kid, who buys used clothes and toys. (This place is seriously how I keep my kids clothed 90% of the time.)

Then we were on a quest. Andy told me that I could have a little dog if the price was right. I wanted one who was already house trained and it had to be a female. We are getting rid of our bigger dogs because they cost too much to feed, and the male won't stay in the yard, he keeps jumping the 6 1/2 foot fence and wandering the neighborhood when we let him out.

We will probably keep the female for a while, just because she is super mellow, and one of Rhett's very best friends.

I had ran across a female Chihuahua who was 1 yr and 2 months old. Her owners needed to get rid of her because they were moving and couldn't keep her anymore. She has been around young kids, and is super sweet, and for the price of free.99 it was a steal. She is purebred and really cute. She weighs about 5 lbs and is full grown. My sister has a male that she just got, so who knows maybe we can breed them and make some more money off of our animals.

At some point someone asked me why we didn't get rid of our animals so that we could put the money that we use to feed them towards food or medical bills. Well the answer to that is simple.

We make more money breeding and selling them than what it costs to feed them. These animals are the only thing that has kept us afloat, and able to make our house payment when Andy was out of work, or when we needed something extra like shoes, and stuff like that.

We also raise our own crickets for the dragons, and have a pair of rabbits that we breed to feed the snake. Then there are the lop rabbits that we breed to sale to pet stores, as well as privately. People come all the way from a different state just to buy our lops so they can show them.

So in all reality it is a great little side business that we have going on. Not to mention the Reptile Expo's that we sale our dragons at as well. Those are huge.

We never buy our animals. We are always on the look out for people who want to get rid of something that we want. Like the 5 1/2 foot red tail boa that we just got was given to us. We could turn around and sell her at the reptile expo for over $800.00.

She also could eat my dog in a heart beat without even blinking.....memo to me, keep them out of the same room.

Here's my delima though. Our hound that we have is named Princess, and my dog that I got yesterday is also named Princess. I can't think of another name for her. Andy calls her RAT DOG, because he's not so fond of little "kick me dogs" as he calls them.

She needs a better name than Rat. So help me come up with a name. Rhett loves her and they chase each other around the house. She has been a little unsure of things, but seems to be doing better this morning. She likes watching our bird and running around in circles in front of her cage.

Today we are off to PCMC for a swallow study, and filling all of Rhett's compounded prescriptions that are made special just for him. Then hopefully we both get to come home and take a nap. He still isn't 100% and I am sure today is going to tucker him out.

We are off to go get ready for another "Go Day" as we call them. I can't wait to see some of the names you come up with for my dog.

Today I am thankful for the fact that Rhett adjusted to his new bed pretty well.
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