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Happy Holidays.......

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:41pm

I am working on getting in that Christmas spirit. So far I have been in a funk, and not ready to admit that the Holidays are here whether I like it or not.

Today we had a fun day.

We went up to the Festival of Trees. The Festival of Trees is a annual fundraising event for Primary Children's Hospital. People donate Christmas Trees to be auctioned off. These are trees that are beautifully decorated. Most trees start out around $800.00 though many of them sell for thousands of dollars.

Everyone that puts this together and works there on the days they are open are all volunteers, and every single penny goes to Primary Children's Hospital. Last year they raised close to 1.6 million dollars.


Although I have incredible fears when it comes to this hospital, as would anyone who has ever had a critically ill child, I still support them 100%. They have saved my child's life more than once. If it were not for them and the incredible staff of doctors that work there, we would not have the littlest member of our family.

And for that I am thankful .

This year Rhett was part of a tree called Angels Among Us. His picture was featured up there, and it was really neat to know that he was a part of such a wonderful project....even if it was a very small part.

The kids got to do Christmas Crafts, and Santa was there. We didn't go see him because the line was reeeeealllllyyyy long, and I wasn't about to stand in line for two hours to see the Big Man himself.

It was really good to get out, I dressed the kids in their Christmas clothes, in hopes of getting a good Christmas Card picture. It didn't work out so well, so we ended up coming home and taking pictures in front of the tree instead.

I only got about 5 shots before Rhett was done, but amazingly enough we got some pretty good ones.

Then I got to work on addressing our list of cards.

Can I just tell you how bad my hand hurts?

They turned out really cute, so I am not going to complain.

Needless to say, I am finally into the Christmas Spirit. I leave you tonight with some pictures of our day........

Here is Rhett next to the "Angels Among Us" tree....

This was Rhett's favorite tree.....can you guess why? It was all we had to keep him in his stroller when we got to this one....

Here is an amazingly good picture that I got of all of the kids......

Here is one from the Festival of Trees, this was about the only semi good one of them all together.......

Here is another shot of the all of them in front of our tree.....

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