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Happy 1st Birthday, Preston!

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

I had already posted how I found out I was pregnant with Preston in this post, but I never really told his birth story.

Throughout my pregnancy, we had planned on a December 22nd birth. I had a doctor who liked to schedule inductions, but wouldn't if the mom was against it. Being that both Jeremy and Gabi had to be evicted from the womb, I figured why not schedule the eviction and plan for it. My parents were coming in on the 20th, and I worked up until the 19th. My last OBGYN appointment was on the 18th, and to my surprise, she wanted to move the induction up 1 day. Okay, so I guess we will be having a baby on the 21st instead. She checked his placement with a quick ultrasound and he was head down and ready. We had discussed previously that if Preston didn't turn that I just wanted to do a c-section. I was too afraid of him becoming entangled in his cord by manipulating him into position. In all honesty, I was afraid of the pain of it, too, but no need to worry since he did in fact turn and is ready.

The 21st arrives, and I get a call from Dr. Dunn's office telling me not to head to the hospital just yet. There were no beds available in the labor unit. "Just hold tight and we will call you as soon as there is a bed." Hours went by and I had started developing a migraine from not eating as I was instructed. So, I call the doctor's office and ask if they can check on the bed situation, and that if there isn't one can I go ahead and eat something. I got a call back telling me to go ahead and eat. I think that was the best taco salad I ever had.

They call me just about an hour after I ate and instructed me to head over to the hospital now. When I got there, I got the last bed and patients in labor were being put on diversion to another hospital after me. Whew! I made it just in time.

I was brought up to the labor department or should I say Ryan was wheeled up to the labor department while I walked. It was the funniest thing ever to these nurses to see the husband being wheeled in while the very pregnant wife walked. Of course, Ryan had a broken ankle which I told about in this post. My IV was started and blood was drawn. I was placed on a fetal monitor and the pitocin drip was started.

About an hour into the pitocin infusion, I was starting to get some contractions. Dr. Dunn (whom I adore by the way) came in and said she was going to do an internal exam, break my waters and place an internal fetal monitor on Preston to monitor him better. The exam was far more painful than I had remembered from my previous two deliveries. I remember telling my doctor, "I am getting way to old for this! My pain threshold is zero now!" The internal exam revealed that I was only a fingertip dilated, but the real problem was that it didn't feel like a head there anymore. So she ordered the nurse to get her an ultrasound machine to be sure. The ultrasound revealed Preston's head just below my ribs on my right side. I turn to my husband and say "I knew it! Didn't I tell you the other day that it felt like he had completely turned around?" Dr. Dunn again went through my options at this point (external manipulation or c-section). I quickly said "C-section, and let's go ahead and tie my tubes so I won't have to come back in January to do them."

Dr. Dunn had a few other deliveries that were getting close. So, I had to wait for those deliveries before I could go in for my c-section. It was getting late by this point. I tried to sleep, but I just couldn't. Preston was constantly moving, and it was just so uncomfortable. Finally, at about 5 am December 22nd (my originally scheduled delivery date) my nurse asks if I want to shower quickly before my c-section since Dr. Dunn was almost ready for me. I showered and boarded the narrow stretcher that waited for me.

I was wheeled into the Operating Room and the anesthesiologist was waiting for me. I had to get a spinal block done in order for Ryan to be able to see Preston's birth. I told this story just last week in this post.

After my spinal block was done, I immediately started vomiting. What a horrible feeling to not be able to move my arms or legs. I had to rely on someone else to hold a basin up for me. And the spinal block made it even hard for me to breath. My husband came in dressed in O.R. garb from head to toe. He asked how I was feeling to which I forced the words "It' breathe." Then the nausea hit again.

Dr. Dunn enters and in true Dr. Dunn fashion explains to me every detail of what is going on and what she is going to do. "You'll feel some tugging, but nothing should hurt." The smell of the cauterizer was not kind to my nausea, either. Burning flesh has a pretty nasty smell to begin with, but to think of it as your own is far worse! I felt plenty of tugging, and for some reason, I knew it was taking longer than they had anticipated. Dr Dunn informs me that Preston is going to keep me busy since the little sneak had turned himself completely back around since we had checked about 8 hours ago. He was back in position for delivery! The real surprising part was when they tried to pull him from my uterus and he went back in. They actually had to get the vacuum to get him out. I have heard of them resorting to a vacuum for a vaginal delivery, but not for a c-section! Then, we praised God for having us do the c-section since Preston had a "very tight cord wrapped around his neck" as Dr. Dunn described it. He would have certainly had restricted oxygen or no oxygen had we tried to deliver him vaginally.

Preston was born Friday, December 22nd, 2006 at 6:53 am via Cesarean section weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 19 inches long.

After Preston was delivered and checked out, he was brought over to me and placed in front of my face. I swear, I couldn't see him. My vision was so blurry. I even told Ryan later in the recovery room, "You could've handed me any baby at this point and I wouldn't have known the difference since I couldn't see him. I'll have to trust you that this one's ours!

And since I am discussing this, let me add this funny story. It was VERY important to me to get my tubes tied. I did not want to have anymore children. Not that I don't love kids, I just knew we couldn't afford more than the 5 we support right now! Dr. Dunn and I had endless conversations about tying my tubes over the previous 9 months. She preferred to wait until January to do them if I delivered vaginally, but agreed to do them right away if I had a c-section for whatever reason.

After Preston was born and my husband left to be with Preston in the nursery, my anesthesiologist gave me 2 drugs, Phenergan for my nausea and Versed which is a sedative and amnesiac medication. The 1st thing I remember after that was being wheeled out of the O.R. and my nurse explaining, "You may not remember everything we have told you since you had Versed." I, then asked, "Did she tie my tubes?" To which they laughed and said, "That must be really important to you!" It was at that time that I realized I had been asking that same question over and over.

Happy 1st birthday, baby boy!

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