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Haircuts and CPR

Posted Apr 12 2010 5:42pm
I've had like the most crap-tastic day of all today, but that info will be on the other blog. So, while I was picking up Aiden today, Chris called and asked if I wanted to meet him at the mall with the little boy. Sure, I really really really need to get out of the house. Chris has a heart of gold and wants to buy things for me to cheer me up.

Aiden and I met Chris at the lower level of the mall in front of the Apple store. There I get the Nike insert for my iPod. Pretty cool little device. It tells me how many calories I'm burning off while exercising and stuff like that. And I scope out the iMacs. Yes, this computer has pretty much seen it's last year of service. It's been a good computer. Since we bought the MacBook a few months ago, Chris has really been thinking that when the time comes to lay the PC to rest, get an iMac. My only requirements are enough USB ports to run all my gadgets and I MUST have a card slot. Well, the iMac does that, but I still have a question about can I open more than one tab at a time? I like to bounce back and forth between tabs. I haven't figured out how to do that with the MacBook.

From there, we went to the newest fast-food hamburger joint - Jack In the Box. Aiden ate a few french fries and a slice of cheese. He isn't too keen on lemonade though. Chris also picked up a clown antennae thingy for my truck. Don't know why, I have absolutely no desire, want or need to decorate my car with a clown head. I have a phobia of clowns.

We then decided that we were going to go to Walmart to pick up a few things. I'm following Chris in my truck and he decides that he needs a hair cut, so we went to the hair cutting place. While there, we decide to try getting Aiden's hair cut. Aiden did really well! He let the stylist scissor cut his hair and then LET her come at him with the clippers!!! Imagine my shock! It's a little short for my taste and his alopecia spots are quite visible.

We then went next door to the Shoe Dept where I got 2 new pairs of flip flops. I got this pair in blue and yellow and a pair of Nike flip flops in black and pink.

Then on to Walmart for cottage cheese and shampoo. While there, Chris asked if they had the Wii Fit balance board. They did, so we have one. I haven't hooked it up yet and met the mean Mii who is going to tell me that I am overweight.

When we got home, Aiden took like a 10 minute nap and woke up. He was playing "kissy kissy" with Chris and proceeded to perform CPR on Chris.

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