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Posted Mar 06 2008 12:00am

Piper and Mim started gymnastics today. So cute.
All morning she kept saying "match stick, match stick". I couldn't figure out was she was talking about. I finally figured out she was saying "gymnastics". She was so excited to go do a somersault and to jump.

A video for the grandparents - it's pretty choppy since I had to keep stopping to help my little gymnast. And I love the end clip of Piper picking her nose; appropriate for a 2 yr old needing a nap.

Just a comment on the video. Every time I see Mim do that faceplant on the mat I can't help but laugh. She was attempting a somersault. But Cindy & I were trying to take pictures so it was hard to help them and photog at the same time. Poor kids. Next week we will focus on them - no cameras.

Piper's somersault w/o Mommy's help.

Look at Mim hang on for dear life!

Piper had a hard time sitting on her carpet square while the teacher was giving instructions. She was just too excited to be there.

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