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Gross! A Pep Talk!

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:51pm

I haven't been keeping up with the type of blogging I want to be doing. There are so many things on my plate this month that this whole thing has fallen to the mundane the day-to-day the blah. I haven't gone back to many of the things I intended to explore, but I aim not to harp on it and just keep moving forward. The blog as life. Sometimes creative, often times laundry.

I was just going to come here and post about how I just indulged myself on leftover moo shu chicken and Thin Mints (my mother-in-law sent us three boxes of girl scout cookies in the mail! yum!) and then most-likely go and feel forlorn about eating such garbage, but then I went to my friend Cait's blog and she talked about how she was inspired by me and my weight loss success and all of a sudden I realized that it didn't matter. This little indulgence. I have made some major lifestyle changes and I intend to employ those changes in my life as a whole from now until the day I die like I have for the past 2 and a half years. If I don't allow myself small treats (OK, sometimes big ones) once in awhile the whole thing will never last.

That is why, although I am on a bit of a sugar and no doubt MSG high right now and feel stuffed to the gills. I am still going to say "Way to go, me!" You know that was a bit much, but you have taken great strides and you can recognize that. More veggies for you and drink your water! Now go! Take a hike. (Or at least move your junk up three flights of stairs.)

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