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Graduation Day...kind of

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:14pm
Here are pictures from Will's "continuation" celebration. If you are a regular reader here you'll know that Will has only completed his first year of preschool, so what's up with the graduation deal? Will's school's preschool is closing after this year and all the kids will be moving on to various other schools, so the teacher felt it would be nice to include all the 3 and 4 year-olds together this year as a sort of goodbye.

That's good for Will cause he got some real practical experience in how to walk down the aisle and stand and sing on risers.

Will did well with the procession and climbed onto his riser well, but as soon as he turned around to see the sea of faces, his face scrunched into a pre-bawl. Mark and Liv and I were right up front and I think that is what saved him. Had we been lost in the crowd I'm certain that Will would have been so scared, he would have proceeded with his big cry, but when Will saw us smiling and winking at him he seemed to settle into a more comfy place.

Even though Will felt a little more at ease up on the stage, he still wanted to be done with all the formality. The class sang 5-6 songs and after each one Will climbed down and came to us. We redirected him back to the stage and he was a real trooper, marching back and taking his spot again.

After the ceremony there was cake and cookies and that was the part that Will liked the best. Here he is with "La".

Here is proof that he had a good time...excess chocolate around the mouth. I was so happy to find these sunglasses which were cheap-o give aways from the dentist! They are the only sunglasses I have found that were made to not accommodate a nose bridge. He feels pretty cool in his sunglasses.

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