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Good Days, Bad Days

Posted Sep 22 2011 9:11pm
I haven't been blogging much, I just really haven't felt like it. There is a lot going on in Aiden's world.

I take Aiden to school every morning. We live within walking distance of the school, but Aiden isn't going to walk that far without sitting down and wanting to play in the leaves. So we drive. And as soon as we're in the vehicle, he demands the DVD player comes on. Seriously? He gets to watch about 4 minutes of the Cars movie - from our driveway to the school's parking lot.

As soon as we get into the classroom, he helps me put his backpack in his locker and the whining begins. Well, most days it's whining, there are days where it is full blown crying. I tell him he isn't going back home until school is over. I do wonder if putting him on the bus would help, but I'm not sure I am ready for that step. I did talk to the bus driver about it. I just haven't called the transportation department to do anything about it.

Lunch at school is a hit and miss. Somethings he'll eat, other things he wont. 

Over the weekend, we went to the annual Scottish Festival. Normally Aiden would be waving at everyone and wanting to eat everything in sight. He didn't want to eat ANYTHING though. Then Sunday night he was sick and spent the day Monday at home.

Our Buddy Walk fundraiser is moving right along. A little over a week left. Friday I have to pick up the stage from Aiden's school and deliver it to the event center. Saturday morning I have to stop by one of the local stores who is donating a gift card to give away as a door prize. I still have to fill out the thank you cards for those who are donating time/business/buildings for the event. Oh and make a photo slideshow to play at the event.

Aiden was bitten by something yesterday. Not sure what though. He has a bite mark that started out looking like a mosquito bite, but turned into this.........

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