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'Gone Fishin' (Actually, I'm gone having a birthday party for my baby!!)

Posted Feb 06 2010 3:38pm
Tomorrow afternoon we have a party for our soon to be the new FOUR year old Little Poppet. To say we've both been run off our feet attempting to pull together a party for her in roughly one week, with not much time and even less money, would be putting it rather mildly. We don't want to be the parents that just suck at having birthday parties so we've been planning, scheduling, shopping, plotting... whatever we could to find what to get her and whom to invite.

The invitations were easy, family, friends... neighbours... done. Now, what to give her for a present?

We learned (finally!) that waiting til a bit closer to the actual day seems to be the way forward when buying birthday pressies for three and four year olds. We did the Wiggles for last year's birthday and months later when they actually arrived on British soil, she'd little interest in them. So, judging by her interests this week, we are giving her some Peppa Pig toys and craft sets.There are other things waiting to be opened tomorrow and on Tuesday that hopefully she'll like that aren't Peppa Pig.

So, tonight as I was getting Little Poppet to bed, I noticed her left eyelid was a little pink. I asked the Mr. about it and... well, here is how that conversation took place...
ME: I hope her eye is ok, her one eye lid is a little pink

theMR: oh it is probably just lack of sleep (she didn't sleep well last night)

ME: *Gasp!* Well, I rebuke THAT in Jesus' name!

theMR: eh? Why are you rebuking that? What's wrong with that, I'm just stating the facts.

ME: facts? why would you put THAT on her? That is awful! She's your daughter!

theMR: (MORE THAN PUZZLED) But you said she didn't sleep well last night. How am I being horrible?

ME: (realising I misheard) Oh, that? Oh I don't know. Yeah right, she didn't sleep well, you are right, it could be from a lack of sleep.

theMR: (it is obvious to him I've misheard) hmmm what did you think I said? (folds arms and starts tapping fingers)

ME: Isn't it funny how the words 'lack of sleep' and 'leprosy' can sound so similar. Almost interchangeable aren't they?

theMR: Only in your world... (walks away shaking head)

Well, I AM tired... that's all I'm saying...
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