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Get It Down, 31 for 21 (Day 26)

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:03pm

21 Things About Aiden (that isn't related to Down syndrome)

  1. Aiden loves to watch television. His favourite shows are the Imagination Movers and Choo Choo Soul, both are on the Disney Channel Playhouse Disney lineup.
  2. Aiden is currently going through the separation anxiety stage. I am informed most 3 year olds go through this stage.
  3. Aiden's favourite store to go to is Wal-Mart. I can not get the kid to go to Target, he HATES that store. I don't know why.
  4. We have found a straw cup that Aiden will use. FINALLY!!
  5. Aiden's favourite thing to do when I am attempting to take pictures is to close the flash. 
  6. Aiden refuses to keep pants on, but he is also learning to put his pants on.
  7. Aiden has learned to open Willy the Chinchilly's cage. I am not sure this is a good thing.
  8. There is a difference in the shop vac and the house vacuum. I do don't know what the difference is, but Aiden has informed me the world is coming to an end when the shop vac is in use.
  9. Ice cream is one of the 4 basic food groups. Along with mashed potatoes, cottage cheese and mac n' cheese.
  10. Aiden WILL projectile vomit when he is beyond mad.
  11. Aiden loves the bath as long as soap and shampoo are not involved.
  12. Aiden can and will open the drawers in the house and empty the contents. Again, not something I am sure is a good idea.
  13. When Aiden wants to hear HIS music, he will bring me the iPod and hold it to his ear. This is his way of saying "listen"
  14. Since discovering that other kids in the neighbourhood ride bikes, Aiden is adamant that he rides his bike weekly.
  15. Music is Aiden's biggest motivator.
  16. The contents of Mom's purse is like discovering the lost treasure of an ancient civilization.
  17. Aiden has yet to meet a food he does not like.
  18.  Aiden will locate the phone when it rings, he has yet to answer it though.
  19. Aiden believes his pool must be filled all year long, even though he will not get in it if the water is too cold.
  20. Aiden will blow kisses and wave bye as he is leaving school. But he will not blow kisses at Mom.
  21. Aiden CAN NOT handle tickles. He gets to laughing so hard that he gets the silent giggles.          
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