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Full steam ahead!!!

Posted Apr 14 2010 12:00am

OK so I stink! No posts today. Well, except for, you know, this one! HA! Maybe I SHOULD commit to doing a picture every day all year... it holds me accountable or something! Fortunately, everyone is WELL now! Kassidy went back to school yesterday... it's TCAP week, which is oh so fun for the kids and the teachers. I know they'll all be happy when this week is over! Kameron, on the other hand, is looking forward to TCAP next year. He's a funny, funny kid! :o)

This morning I ran to Wal-Mart and did some MUCH needed grocery shopping... not really because we needed groceries, but because I was out of grocery BAGS from all the puking in the car. Just kidding. Sort of. Seriously though, we were out of a ton of stuff so, my kids will be happy to know they have a wide variety of cereal and oatmeal and juice and lots of OTHER stuff they like to eat back in the house again.

This afternoon we finally showed up back at therapy again! I feel like we've been out forever! Kellsey had OT at 1:30, then we went to pick up the 3 big kids, then went BACK to therapy where both Kellsey and Kennedy had Speech Therapy. Kellsey's speech therapist then came out and said, "When did Kellsey learn how to talk?!" And I said, "Beats me!" LOL Apparently she said 10 words for her. We got distracted and I forgot to ask what those 10 words were... I haven't gotten her to say anything more though. I think she's just holding out on me.

After therapy we ran home, where my mom was waiting, I dropped off the kids, and ran to Post for an FRG meeting. I haven't been on Post since Frank left for Afghanistan, so that was kind of weird... then I came home, found out my mom not only cleaned out my fridge but also put away all my groceries (THANKS MOM!!!), and got the kids ready for bed, they all 5 crashed immediately, which is awesome, and now, here I sit, catching up on American Idol and waiting for Frank to ruin the result show for me, since he's done it the last two weeks in a row! LOL Everyone go tell him how mean he is now! haha

Anyway, enough mindless babble from me! I promise earlier posts from me tomorrow... and maybe even PICTURES?! *gasp* I know, sorry! Hope you all have a good night!

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