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Food allergies......HELP

Posted by leapea82

Hi,my almost 3 year son with DS is ALWAYS sick. I am thinking that he is having some food allergies or intollerances. Can anyone help on on which direction to take next. I just feel so overwhelmed. Please help.
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Hi Leapea82!

Have you tried getting him tested for allergies with an allergist? That might be a good way to start before you change his diet. If nothing results from the testing, then you might want to try an elimintaion diet to check for food sensitivities. It will take patience, but could be really helpful.  Good luck!


my son is 4 and was really sicky as a baby...  The doctor just thought he was greedy as he was always sick.. I noticed he always had a runny nose very loose stools and eczema skin.   Thought it might be dairy so changed him to soya and his eczema got worse, so changed him to rice milk and the symptoms all calmed down.  Have introduced small amounts of dairy back but if he has alot he gets an allergic reaction resulting in him being plastered in a rash...  Saw paedeatrician and they sent a letter saying i should get him back on a normal diet as soon as I could.

I went to an alternative therapist and had him Vega tested and only told her symptoms and she came back with a list of soya, dairy, apple and  a couple of colours and preservatives as list to avoid.    Change his diet has really helped and he is still sensitive to some foods like too much orange juice or grapes or strawberries  sends him loopy...  His behaviour is not as good when hes had dairy...  He seems to react to all injections and get every side effect going...

there doesnt seem to be much help im afraid its a case of trial and error to work out whats causing the problem... 



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