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Fire Alarms and Bedtime Snuggles

Posted Nov 17 2012 12:00am
I laid my head down on my pillow. It had been a long day. After what seemed like only seconds, I heard a little whisper.

"Mama, I sleep with you?"

I peeked my eyes open and saw a sweet little face standing just inches away from mine.

"Why, Kennedy?" I questioned.

"I'm scared of the fire alarm."

I thought about my answer. We went through this same routine at least once a week. That fire alarm was not going to hurt her. The other 11 fire alarms in our house weren't going to hurt her either. I had two choices. I could guide her back to her room, show her the pretty fire alarm that I decorated in pink and purple heart stickers in an effort to show her it was not at all threatening, then make her stay in her bed and listen to her cry about her alarm for the next several minutes... or I could pull her into my bed and we could both go to sleep quickly. I chose the latter. "Come on," I said, reaching out to help her as she climbed onto my bed.

"Thank you, mama." Kennedy sighed with relief, "Thank you."

"Just this one time," I warned, even though we both knew that wasn't really the truth.

Kennedy snuggled her body against mine and rested her head on my chest. I could feel her heart beating. "I love you, mama." She said.

I yawned as we settled in to sleep. "I love you too, baby. A million..."

I could feel her smile as she replied, "Trillion..."

"Billion." I responded.

We both drifted off into a deep, fire alarm free sleep.

Today I will add another purple heart sticker to her fire alarm. Or Not.
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