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Finn's 18-month well baby checkup

Posted Feb 03 2010 12:00am

Finn and I visited our favorite pediatrician this morning. The highlights:

  • Finn weighs 19 lbs. 8 oz. He's actually lost a bit of weight over the last couple of weeks because he had the stomach flu and wasn't eating much for a week or so. I can't remember his length, but according to his file, he's grown an inch and a half and gained a pound and a quarter since his last visit 3 months ago. Good news!
  • We're getting a referral to a Down syndrome clinic that recently opened at our children's hospital. Apparently it's staffed by a team of doctors who are especially knowledgeable about Down syndrome. While I love our pediatrician, and we've been with him for a long time (since my first was born 13 years ago), he's not especially well-versed in things relating to Down syndrome, and I think it could be beneficial to visit the Ds clinic and get recommendations for things we can do to optimize Finn's overall health and development.
  • I've been a tad concerned about Finn's urine output lately, as he is peeing through all his diapers in short periods of time. It might just be the diapers, I don't know. But I also know that diabetes associated with Ds is not unheard of. So we decided to do a blood panel to check his blood sugar levels. While we're at it, we're having his thyroid re-checked (his thyroid panel at 12 months was normal).
  • I talked to the doc about Finn's recent eye-rolling episodes. Honestly, I am just not as concerned about it as I was a few days ago. I've observed him doing it a couple more times since I posted here about it. The last time I saw him do it, he was sitting on the kitchen floor playing and babbling, and then he did it - he rolled his eyes way up. But the thing is, he kept babbling the whole time, and it seems to me that if he were having a seizure, he wouldn't have been babbling while doing it. It seemed pretty innocuous at that moment, and I haven't seen him do it since. The pedi is not super concerned about it, but did say to keep an eye on it, and if it continues and/or if I become very concerned again, we can certainly investigate. Also, there is a pediatric neurologist on staff at the Ds clinic we're getting a referral to, so I will definitely take my concerns about these episodes there as well.
Interestingly, Michael just happened, by pure chance, to catch one of these episodes on video:

(That's Michael doing the funny voice . . . such a comedian, that man.)

Sometimes he's done that off-to-the-side eye-roll like that, and other times, it's been more rolling his eyes straight up. So, I dunno.
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