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Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm
I mentioned yesterday that our pediatrician agreed to refer us for a feeding evaluation for Finn since I can't get a consult with an OT through Regional Center. So, funny enough, I got a call a little while ago whilst in the middle of attempting to feed Finn some yogurt, from a place called Pediatric Therapies. So I have to take Finn Monday morning down to Costa Mesa (which isn't terribly far, but probably 35 minutes or so on a Monday morning) to this place, along with some food, so they can observe him (and me) and I guess give me some direction on getting him to accept nourishment other than breast milk.

So, I dunno. I'm having conflicting feelings. I'm grateful that my pediatrician was on top of this and got us a referral so quickly - wow, a one-day turnaround, can you believe it?! On the other hand, I'm disappointed that I have to take Finn somewhere for this because I really think that taking him out of his element (i.e., home) is only going to make the feeding experience more trying than usual and not really give a true picture of what goes on. Maybe I'm completely wrong though. We'll see. And to be honest, I'm less than thrilled that I have to drive down there. I am soooooo weary of driving around to here and to there. Every single week I'm hauling one kid or another to some doctor appointment it seems like, and it's just wearing me down.

Anyway, I ordered the Z-vibe about a week ago and when it came in the mail yesterday I realized that I had only ordered the spoon tips, not the actual z-vibe device. So now I've ordered that. Maybe that will make a difference. This morning is actually the first time in several days that I've even attempted to feed him anything. I gave up when he got sick last week because it seemed wrong to force-feed him when he didn't feel good. This morning went slightly better than it's gone in the past. He actually opened his mouth and allowed me to insert spoon with yogurt a handful of times. He's still generally pretty resistent to the whole notion though.
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