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Even Bad Asses Like Baby Toes

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm
Sweet Husband calls me from work yesterday...

"I picked up some new sunglasses for Kellen today." Picked up means he found them in the lost and found.

Click on the picture for a closer look. Yes, that's right. My "sweet" husband scores some sunglasses for his sixteen year old son which say (in beautiful silver script), "Bad Ass". On the phone, I hesitate "Well...he's going to wear them just at home...right?" "Oh no..." says Sweet Husband extremely cheerfully, "He can wear them everywhere...accept to church." Sigh.

Later that evening we had a get together planned at the wading pool for several families who have little ones with Down syndrome. Kellen loves babies so much and I was really hoping he would be able to come with us. I was already at the park when Sweet Husband called me on my cell phone to tell me that they had arrived and found a place to park, but Kellen was stuck on the street corner, too anxious to cross the busy street. I walked up to the street to help, but Kellen was too scared to budge.

Sweet Husband walked him back to the car and they drove to a drive-in to pick up fish and chips. A while later, we came up with a different plan to park in a parking garage and ride the elevator up to an outside eating area across the street from the park. It was after the wading pool gathering, but two of the families joined us at the eating area for ice cream.

This was a good set-up because Kellen didn't have to cross the street, but was still able to spend time socializing with his second favorite creature on Earth...a real, live baby!

When Kellen spends time with babies he uses the cutest, high-pitched voice which is very different then his usual, gravelly, "man voice". He had a great time singing This Little Piggy and just enjoying watching her. Baby toes...good therapy.

(A prize for the first person who knows who Kellen's "first" favorite creature on Earth is. If you know, leave a comment with your email address).
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