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Ear tubes

Posted Aug 24 2009 12:35pm
Next Friday, Kennedy will be going in for surgery to get more ear tubes put in. This will be her 3rd set. She doesn't get ear infections, but because her last hearing test showed mild hearing loss in both sides, they are hoping this will help. They will also do an ABR (hearing test) while she is under. This is the most definitive of hearing tests which will tell us exactly where her hearing stands without it being hindered by any fluid that may be in there.

Because of her hypoglycemia issues, we will go in on Monday to meet with the Anesthesiologists and talk to them about what to do pre-op. She can't go without eating too long... she also has slow gastric motility which means that it takes a LONG time for food to empty from her stomach so before her hypoglycemia diagnosis they always liked her to be NPO (nothing by mouth) for at least 12 hours prior to surgery to prevent risk of aspiration. Not too sure what they're going to do to balance out the two.

Anyway, I'm glad to finally have a date to get these tubes in and get this over with! We are praying this IS indeed the cause of her hearing loss and she won't need hearing aides! I'll of course be updating on Friday!
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