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Ds Clinic

Posted Feb 22 2010 12:00am

Recently I learned that the children's hospital Finn spent his first couple of weeks in has recently opened a Down syndrome clinic. That's what the website calls it, a "Down syndrome clinic." Through the blogging community, I know a lot of other parents who have children with Ds take their kids to a Ds clinic periodically, and based on what I've read on other blogs about this, and from the website of this particular Ds clinic, my impression was that a Ds clinic is a team of doctors, specialists, and therapists whose focus is on Down syndrome.

I love our pediatrician, and we've been with him for a long time - since my oldest was born 13+ years ago. He's a wonderful doctor, and while I have no problem continuing to take Finn to see him for his overall care, he's not particularly knowledgeable about Down syndrome, so I thought maybe having a team of specialists whose focus is on Down syndrome see Finn periodically might be a good idea. However, it appears now that it's just one doctor, a neurologist. We got a referral from our pediatrician, and I went ahead and made an appointment for Finn for late in March. But I'm kind of wondering right now what's the point? Is this necessary? What benefit should we expect to get from this? If this "clinic" really just is one doctor - a neurologist - what exactly is the point? What questions should I ask? What should my goal be in taking Finn in? Should I even be bothering with this?

I'd really appreciate input here! What has your experience been with a Ds clinic?
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