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Dr. Sears: Why he recommends Juice Plus

Posted May 02 2010 8:42pm
Each morning I put a scoopful of Juice Plus+® Complete into my fruit and yogurt smoothie. Every day I take my Fruit and Veggie Juice Plus+® Capsules, and dole out Juice Plus+® to our kids in the form of powder, pills, capsules and JP+ Gummies® according to their age and taste. Then I go to my office and recommend the Juice Plus+® Children Health Study to the families in my pediatric practice, especially those who are sick a lot.

Do I feel passionate about this product? Yes! Here’s why.

In April of 1997 I underwent major surgery for colon cancer, followed by a long course of radiation and chemotherapy. Realizing that colon cancer, and all major diseases for that matter, are influenced by diet, I was determined not to let my medical problem repeat itself. So I began devouring medical literature on the connection between diet and health. During the year following my surgery, I read volumes about nutrition, subscribed to every nutrition journal I could find, put together a collection of over 500 file folders about food and became what my friends tagged a “health nut.” About three months into my new style of eating, I noticed some amazing changes. My energy level skyrocketed,prompting my wife, Martha to call me “Zip.”

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