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Down syndrome clinic visit

Posted Jan 26 2010 11:02am
Eon went for his one-year visit to the Down syndrome clinic at Riley, yesterday. For the first time, it didn't lead to any other appointments or tests. I was beyond thrilled! Everyone told me that all the hubaloo would die down after the first year and I guess they were right. The doctor actually wrote, "Looks awesome!" on his follow-up sheet! :) We go back in 6 months. Yay!

He had his well-baby visit at the general ped's office today. His pediatrician, Dr. Kidd (isn't that a perfect name for a pediatrician) said, "Honestly, Tara, I think you could take him to any doctor's office and if you didn't tell them he had Ds, they wouldn't know it." That really surprised me because I really "see" Ds in Eon. Dr. Kidd says that he does, too, but only because he knows he has it. Interesting and a little frustrating. I talked to another mom at the Ds clinic yesterday and I realized half-way through the conversation that she had just figured out that Eon had Ds, too. I would like for other families to have an instant connection with us. I swear we need a secret handshake or something.

Eon had another round of shots today and cried when he got them. Last time there were no tears and it kind of freaked me out, so I was actually relieved to hear him cry. He was over it by the time the nurse put the band-aids on him, though. He's not one to hold a grudge. :)

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