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Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Posted Oct 04 2011 12:00am
October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, but if you're my friend on Facebook, you already knew that! ;) I've been posting facts about Down syndrome each day so far, and am going to try to continue throughout the month. However, it's only October 4th and I am exhausted!! It's been a long week... what do you mean it's only Tuesday?! hahaha

This morning I took the Down Syndrome Awareness poster into Kameron and Kennedy's school to display in the lobby. Kassidy wants me to make another one for her school... I might... after some sleep. LOL I know she has a young man with Down Syndrome in her grade, so it would be good to bring awareness there as well.

Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures for this poster!!! I had over 100 photos come in! I got in as many as I could, and I plan on updating my D is for Down Syndrome video montage sometime this month, so if your child isn't on the poster, watch for them in the video! :)

Here are some pictures of the poster (I THINK if you click on them, they'll get bigger). Frank dropped Kennedy off at school today since I was on a field trip with Kameron and we had to be there extra early and he said that lots of kids were looking at it. Kameron said that on the way out even more kids were looking at it! I hope that the teachers will talk to the younger kids about what it all means! :) I'm going to read a book to Kameron's, Kennedy's, Keeghan's and Kellsey's classes later this month. It's good to bring awareness!

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

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