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Don't Make Him Talk To Daddy!

Posted Sep 24 2009 10:02pm
Today, Preston was playing with a toy cell phone and wanted me play with him. I was busy, but took the phone anyhow and pretended to talk to Daddy on the other end. I handed the phone over and said "Here Daddy wants to talk to you!" He grabbed the phone and responded with "I no wanna talka ta daddy" and ran in the other room. He came back a moment later empty handed and grabbed a page from Gabi's scrapbook and one of Gabi's socks and ran back. I heard a flush and ran to the bathroom to see the page and sock stuck in the toilet! I grabbed them out quickly thinking I saved the day! Only Preston looks at me and then looked into the toilet and said, "Where da phone? Phoooonnnee? Where are youuu?" and shrugged his shoulders...

Hmmmm... Are you thinking the phone is where I am thinking the phone is?

(and our toilet is clogged!)
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